COVID19 Home Loan Guidance And Opportunities

Wed, 25 Mar 2020

The world at the moment is one we don't currently recognise. Who could have ever imagined we would be experiencing a time like this. Many people are anxious and scared at how life is unfolding right now. All we can do is follow the guidelines and hope to get off this ride asap. In the meantime, we are all part of a community and it's important to find ways to help each other, whether big or small. Amongst the chaos, let's find comfort and opportunity. These are the times we need to think outside the box - have 'virtual parties' - businesses collaborating with other businesses, the list goes on.

Over the past few days, we have been speaking with many of our business clients as well as those most at risk. It has been emotional and necessary and a glass of wine has definitely helped at the end of the day. This week we've also been focused on providing initial knowledge and guidance for reducing payments, hardship, etc which Mike briefs over in the video below. We will continue to share updates and information that also hightlights the opportunities that are available.

We are available and want to help to ensure you and your family are okay. We can discuss any of your concerns and/or provide guidance on ways to reduce your repayments and improve your cashflow. 

Phone: 08 6555 6565
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If it relates to you and you want to hear more on the business update, please view this blog here. Please also share this video or the business video with anyone you know who this may help.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Keep sane and well.

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