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First home buyers

Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Imagine how easy it would be to speak with a finance specialist who will explain all the jargon and guide you through the full process. Imagine the comfort and confidence you'll feel knowing you'll get your keys on time and realise a dream come true.  The only thing you need to worry about is who to invite to your housewarming party! Contact us now to get started.

Next home buyers/renovators

With growing families, kids moving out, a change in work, and many other lifestyle changes, comes the consideration about whether your home still suits your needs. At Do Financial, we will help you evaluate the costs of upsizing, downsizing or renovating, so you can make the decision with confidence. We also have access to leading research and insights into the property market that will assist with your decision. To find out more, contact us today.


There are many reasons to consider refinancing; securing a better interest rate, reducing your mortgage repayments, paying off your home loan quicker, and accessing equity in your home investment, to name a few. With such a competitive lending market, we assess whether your current lending can be adjusted to deliver more savings, allowing you to pay off that loan faster, enjoy some additional creature comforts, or even take that long awaited holiday. 
How are you feeling about the current relationship with your bank? Are they providing you with the service and rates that show they appreciate your loyalty? Is the loan still appropriate for you? Contact us for a free review of your current lending - you may be amazed at the results!


Looking to grow your property portfolio? At Do Financial, we provide specialist finance advice and insight that will be aligned to your wealth creation strategies. In consultation with your accountant, we will ensure the debt is structured in a tax effective manner, ensuring that the lending products support your position. Our expert advice and guidance will enable you to make these crucial investment decisions with confidence. Let's start with a conversation focussing on what's important to you.

Medical professionals

We understand that as a medical specialist, time is limited and is highly precious to you. We have extensive experience working with medical professionals and will manage the entire financing process for you. We collaborate closely with other professionals who specialise in working with medical specialists, surgeons and General Practitioners. We will find a solution that will mean you don't have to spend hours visiting the bank and trawling through paperwork. Contact us to also find out what special lending offers are available to save you thousands when purchasing a property.

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